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Medicover is a leading private healthcare service provider in Central and Eastern Europe. Established in Hungary in 1998, the company has nearly 400,000 clients who benefit from its high-quality healthcare services available nationwide. Medicover offers a wide range of healthcare services through company insurance or on a case-by-case basis. They have modern clinics equipped with advanced diagnostic tools in Budapest, as well as clinics and partner service points in other cities across the country. With a team of around 500 skilled medical professionals, Medicover conducts hundreds of thousands of examinations annually. The company has received numerous awards for its excellence in healthcare services.

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The Oral Glucose Tolerance Test (OGTT) is a diagnostic procedure conducted by the health provider to detect gestational diabetes, undiagnosed diabetes, and assess carbohydrate metabolism. Conducted in the morning on an empty stomach, the procedure commences with a fasting blood test followed by a blood sugar level check. If the initial results are below 7.00 mmol/l, the patient then consumes a sweet solution containing 75g of glucose. After 120 minutes, a second blood sample is taken to determine glucose tolerance levels. The provider's careful execution of the procedure, using standard laboratory equipment, ensures precise results.

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Medicover offers a whole body MRI scan that examines the entirety of the body, ranging from the cranium to the pelvis. The key objective is to detect early signs of cancerous, inflammatory, and degenerative lesions. However, this procedure is purely for screening purposes and does not confirm the type of lesion. Detailed investigation is possible through a targeted MRI examination of the affected area. The provider uses an MRI imaging machine which resembles a thick tube where patients lay on their back while images are taken. It's important to note that this examination cannot be performed on pregnant women or anyone with magnetically responsive materials implanted in their body, such as joint prostheses, nails, screws, metal valves, pacemakers, tourniquets, implants, etc. 

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Medicover performs a comprehensive examination of cycle-dependent female sex hormones. This test is primarily conducted to diagnose bleeding disorders and fertility issues. The procedure involves two blood draws, one on the third day of the menstrual cycle and another on the twenty-first day. The first blood draw focuses on hormones like AMH, FSH, LH, testosterone, prolactin, oestradiol, while the second blood draw measures progesterone levels. These hormone assessments give a holistic view of hormone homeostasis and organ function. It must be noted that women on contraceptives may not receive accurate results; thus, it is advised they take the test after discontinuing contraceptive use.

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The procedure for laboratory testing of male sex hormones involves examining the functionality of male genitals and the hormone composition of the reproductive system. The healthcare provider, hereafter referred to as "the Provider", conducts a series of tests to evaluate hormones such as Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH), Luteinizing Hormone (LH), Testosterone, Prolactin, and Sex Hormone Binding Protein (SHBG). These hormones play key roles in male sexual function, fertility, muscle condition, mood regulation, and more. The Provider uses advanced diagnostic equipment in a controlled environment to ensure accurate results. The process also considers factors influencing hormone production like overweight, insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes, thyroid dysfunction, liver and kidney diseases


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Budapest, Váci út 29-31, 1134 Hungary
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