Guiding Your Path to Optimal Health

Harnessing data, Megeni provides tailored care programs monitored through lab biomarkers and wearables data. Empowering practitioners and clients to track progress and achieve optimal health.
1. Screening & Testing Protocol
Monitor your health, be aware of potential problems and risks
  • Implement personalized tests and screenings for early illness prevention
  • Conduct initial health assessments for clients
  • Automate the screening and testing protocol thzoughout the client's lifetime
  • Include periodic check-ups, laboratory tests, imaging studies, follow-ups, etc.
  • Provide convenient reminders for clients regarding upcoming tests and screenings
  • Enable clients to easily schedule appointments with just two taps
2. Personalized Health Plans
Get a personalized care plan for your wellness goals and risks
  • Craft personalized prevention plans for each individual
  • Recommend lifestyle changes: diet, exercise, stress management, sleep
  • Empower individuals to see immediate benefits from their choices
  • Focus on preventing illness and promoting wellness
  • Tailor recommendations to specific risk factors and health goals
  • Address key areas for holistic health improvement
3. Personal Health Tracking
Track progress and adjust your plan
  • Use data to guide personal medicine
  • Keep track of health changes over time
  • Help people monitor their own health
  • Use sensors and wearables for monitoring
  • Set goals for better health
  • Measure progress with easy-to-understand data
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