Full Body MR Scan

Full Body MRI Scan
On location: Budapest, Váci út 29-31, 1134 Hungary
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Medicover offers a whole body MRI scan that examines the entirety of the body, ranging from the cranium to the pelvis. The key objective is to detect early signs of cancerous, inflammatory, and degenerative lesions. However, this procedure is purely for screening purposes and does not confirm the type of lesion. Detailed investigation is possible through a targeted MRI examination of the affected area. The provider uses an MRI imaging machine which resembles a thick tube where patients lay on their back while images are taken. It's important to note that this examination cannot be performed on pregnant women or anyone with magnetically responsive materials implanted in their body, such as joint prostheses, nails, screws, metal valves, pacemakers, tourniquets, implants, etc. 


  • Comprehensive screening from cranium to pelvis
  • Guidance by a radiologist for precise marking of potential lesions
  • Use of an MRI imaging machine for taking images

Not included

  • Follow-up MRI examinations for detected lesions
  • Consultation or medical advice pre or post-procedure
  • Administration of contrast agent
  • Special preparation before the procedure 
  • Removal (if needed) of any metallic objects from patient's body
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