Laboratory testing of female sex hormones

Hormone Testing
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Medicover performs a comprehensive examination of cycle-dependent female sex hormones. This test is primarily conducted to diagnose bleeding disorders and fertility issues. The procedure involves two blood draws, one on the third day of the menstrual cycle and another on the twenty-first day. The first blood draw focuses on hormones like AMH, FSH, LH, testosterone, prolactin, oestradiol, while the second blood draw measures progesterone levels. These hormone assessments give a holistic view of hormone homeostasis and organ function. It must be noted that women on contraceptives may not receive accurate results; thus, it is advised they take the test after discontinuing contraceptive use.


  • Comprehensive laboratory testing of female sex hormones (AMH, FSH, LH, testosterone, prolactin, oestradiol, and progesterone)
  • Two blood draws conducted on specific days of the menstrual cycle (day 3 and day 21)
  • Analysis of hormone levels for detecting potential functioning issues of glands and organs responsible for hormone production
  • Assessment of ovarian reserves using AMH examination

Not included

  • Follow-up consultation post-test results
  • Medication prescribed based on test results
  • Specific consultation or treatment for conditions diagnosed through this test such as polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) or ovarian granulosa-cell tumours
  • Any additional tests recommended based on initial lab results
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