Blood sugar tolerance test

Oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT)
On location: Budapest, Váci út 29-31, 1134 Hungary
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The Oral Glucose Tolerance Test (OGTT) is a diagnostic procedure conducted by the health provider to detect gestational diabetes, undiagnosed diabetes, and assess carbohydrate metabolism. Conducted in the morning on an empty stomach, the procedure commences with a fasting blood test followed by a blood sugar level check. If the initial results are below 7.00 mmol/l, the patient then consumes a sweet solution containing 75g of glucose. After 120 minutes, a second blood sample is taken to determine glucose tolerance levels. The provider's careful execution of the procedure, using standard laboratory equipment, ensures precise results.


  • Commencement consultation explaining the procedure
  • Initial fasting blood test
  • Provision of a sweet solution containing 75g of glucose
  • Second blood test after 120 minutes

Not included

  • Follow-up consultation to discuss test results
  • Any required medication post-procedure
  • Multiple measurements if needed as per individual cases 
  • Recommendations for further treatment based on test results
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