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Get A Drip provides a suite of health services centered on nutritional optimization through intravenous vitamin drips, injections, and booster shots. Their offerings include specialized longevity services such as Ozone Therapy offered in select locations. To enhance user experience and rewards, the healthcare provider has instituted the Get A Drip Rewards loyalty program. Home service options are facilitated through collaboration with the Urban wellness delivery app, extending accessibility to clients in various regions, including London and Thurrock. Get A Drip also promotes periodic discounts on wellness services to encourage client engagement in health-enhancing treatments. Their tailored IV drip menu addresses specific health goals, featuring the NAD+ Drip and High Dose Vitamin C, with provisions for personalizing treatments. In the field of longevity and lifestyle medicine, services such as Anti-Ageing and Fitness Drips are available, supporting clients in their pursuit of wellness and balanced living.

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The Silver DNA test offered by Get A Drip involves a non-invasive procedure where the client's DNA is collected using a cheek swab sample kit. The collection can occur either at home or in a Get A Drip clinic, with the latter entailing assistance from clinic staff. Once collected, the sample is sent for analysis to identify how the client's body responds and metabolizes specific nutrients. Results from this test are used to generate a bespoke IV drip recommendation tailored to the individual's unique genetic makeup. A detailed report explaining the findings is also provided, and clients have the opportunity to discuss their results during a 30-minute consultation with a GMC registered doctor.

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Get A Drip offers a Gold DNA Testing service in collaboration with Lifecode Gx. The process begins with the selection of the DNA test, which can be purchased and taken either at home or in-clinic using a cheek swab sample kit. For in-clinic tests, Get A Drip handles the sample collection, which takes approximately one minute. Following analysis, a bespoke IV drip recommendation is crafted based on the individual's unique DNA. Alongside this, clients receive a detailed report explaining their results. Get A Drip emphasizes that DNA testing can be more effective than blood testing for identifying nutritional metabolism and potential issues since DNA remains unchanged over time.

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Get A Drip offers a gut testing service aimed at analyzing the patient’s microbiome. The test involves a non-invasive procedure where the patient is required to collect a stool sample using the kit provided and send it back for analysis. Upon receipt, Get A Drip conducts a DNA analysis of the gut bacteria to interpret the microbiome health score, inflammation profile, and assess protection against certain disease risks. Results are made available to patients via their personal account, and the service includes a free consultation with a registered nutritional therapist to discuss findings and provide personalized food recommendations.

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Get A Drip specializes in administering blood tests to detect deficiencies and other health indicators. Clients can schedule an appointment online or visit a clinic for walk-in services available seven days a week. Blood samples are collected by registered healthcare professionals, either intravenously at the clinic or at the client's home. The procedure is described as quick and painless. Following the test, results are reviewed by GMC registered Doctors and emailed to the client with recommendations within 3 to 10 working days, depending on the test chosen. Some of Get A Drip’s blood tests also offer a complimentary retest after six months.


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