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Gut Microbiome Testing
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Get A Drip offers a gut testing service aimed at analyzing the patient’s microbiome. The test involves a non-invasive procedure where the patient is required to collect a stool sample using the kit provided and send it back for analysis. Upon receipt, Get A Drip conducts a DNA analysis of the gut bacteria to interpret the microbiome health score, inflammation profile, and assess protection against certain disease risks. Results are made available to patients via their personal account, and the service includes a free consultation with a registered nutritional therapist to discuss findings and provide personalized food recommendations.


  • Comprehensive analysis of gut microbiome health score and disease protection.
  • Personalized food recommendations based on weekly microbiome health in 17 areas.
  • Free 30-minute expert nutritionist consultation post-analysis.
  • List of bacteria in microbiome with enterotype categorization.
  • Detailed report on lactose and gluten metabolism, probiotic levels, and anti-inflammatory potential.

Not included

  • Costs related to any follow-up consultations or subsequent tests post initial analysis.
  • Medications or supplements that may be recommended based on test results.
  • Extended nutritional therapy sessions beyond the included 30-minute consultation.
  • Home visits or direct medical treatments as this is an at-home testing kit service.
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