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DNA/Genetic Health Test
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The Silver DNA test offered by Get A Drip involves a non-invasive procedure where the client's DNA is collected using a cheek swab sample kit. The collection can occur either at home or in a Get A Drip clinic, with the latter entailing assistance from clinic staff. Once collected, the sample is sent for analysis to identify how the client's body responds and metabolizes specific nutrients. Results from this test are used to generate a bespoke IV drip recommendation tailored to the individual's unique genetic makeup. A detailed report explaining the findings is also provided, and clients have the opportunity to discuss their results during a 30-minute consultation with a GMC registered doctor.


  • One DNA test with cheek swab sample collection (at home or in-clinic).
  • Detailed genetic report on nutrient metabolism.
  • Personalized IV drip recommendation based on DNA analysis.
  • 30-minute online consultation with a GMC registered doctor to discuss results.

Not included

  • Cost of IV drip treatment following recommendations.
  • Any additional consultations beyond the initial 30-minute session.
  • Follow-up testing or further diagnostics post-report analysis.
  • Medications or supplements recommended as a result of the test findings.
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