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DNA/Genetic Health Test
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Get A Drip offers a Gold DNA Testing service in collaboration with Lifecode Gx. The process begins with the selection of the DNA test, which can be purchased and taken either at home or in-clinic using a cheek swab sample kit. For in-clinic tests, Get A Drip handles the sample collection, which takes approximately one minute. Following analysis, a bespoke IV drip recommendation is crafted based on the individual's unique DNA. Alongside this, clients receive a detailed report explaining their results. Get A Drip emphasizes that DNA testing can be more effective than blood testing for identifying nutritional metabolism and potential issues since DNA remains unchanged over time.


  • One-time DNA test with cheek swab sample
  • 30-minute online consultation with a GMC Doctor to discuss results
  • Detailed report of test findings
  • Personalized IV drip recommendation based on DNA analysis

Not included

  • Cost of any additional doctor's consultations beyond the initial 30-minute session
  • Costs associated with the personalized IV drip or any other recommended treatments
  • Follow-up consultations or treatments after receiving the detailed report and recommendations
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