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Geneplanet specializes in providing genetic testing services that cater to personalized healthcare. Their portfolio includes the MyLifestyle DNA test, designed to tailor nutrition to individual genetic profiles for improved weight management and energy levels. The MyMeds pharmacogenomic test assists in the identification of optimal medications and dosages, reducing recovery time and medication side effects. The company also offers detailed cancer and cardiovascular disease risk assessments through genetic analysis to empower clients with preventive health strategies.
Data security is paramount at Geneplanet, with adherence to GDPR regulations and ISO 27001 certification. Their promise of testing once for a lifetime of benefits demonstrates a commitment to long-term client value. An interdisciplinary team of experts from fields such as biotechnology, medicine, and nutritional sciences supports Geneplanet's product development, combining their expertise to produce scientifically validated tests. Their genetic insights extend to recommendations for sports and recreation, facilitating lifestyle choices aligned with genetic predispositions for ongoing well-being.

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Geneplanet offers a comprehensive MyHealth DNA test designed to discover an individual's risk for various diseases and infections, emphasizing personalized prevention strategies. The process involves four key steps. First, the client orders the test kit, which is delivered within 2-7 days. Upon receipt, the client provides a saliva sample using the materials provided. The sample is then returned to Geneplanet's laboratory via a preaddressed envelope. Finally, after approximately five weeks from when the lab receives the sample, the client can access their results online. Geneplanet sets itself apart by sequencing the entire genome rather than targeting specific parts, allowing for over 30 new DNA insights each year with just one saliva sample.

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GenePlanet offers a comprehensive MyLifestyle DNA test that provides clients with over 90 personalized analyses based on their genetic information. The procedure begins with the client ordering a test kit, which is delivered within 2–7 days. Upon receipt, the client provides a saliva sample following the provided instructions and mails it back to GenePlanet's lab using a preaddressed envelope. The entire DNA is sequenced to enable a lifetime of insights rather than just targeted snippets. Results are made available online approximately 5 weeks after the sample reaches the lab, offering insights into diet, nutrition, stress management, sleep behaviors, sports preferences, and immune system health. This service is conducted with high security standards and confidentiality in compliance with European and local legislation.

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GenePlanet offers a comprehensive Premium DNA test that sequences 100% of an individual's DNA, providing an extensive analysis of one's genome. The process involves four steps: ordering the kit, providing a saliva sample, mailing the sample back to GenePlanet's lab in a preaddressed envelope, and receiving results online approximately five weeks after the lab has received the sample. Unlike other companies that may focus on targeted areas of the genome, GenePlanet decodes the entire DNA, which facilitates continuous updates with more than 30 new DNA insights each year based on just one saliva sample. The tests are developed by experts across various scientific fields, ensuring accuracy and trustworthiness backed by the latest science.


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