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Geneplanet offers a comprehensive MyHealth DNA test designed to discover an individual's risk for various diseases and infections, emphasizing personalized prevention strategies. The process involves four key steps. First, the client orders the test kit, which is delivered within 2-7 days. Upon receipt, the client provides a saliva sample using the materials provided. The sample is then returned to Geneplanet's laboratory via a preaddressed envelope. Finally, after approximately five weeks from when the lab receives the sample, the client can access their results online. Geneplanet sets itself apart by sequencing the entire genome rather than targeting specific parts, allowing for over 30 new DNA insights each year with just one saliva sample.


  • Free shipping of the DNA test kit to and from the customer.
  • Secure online access to test results with in-depth explanations.
  • Lifetime value with over 30+ new DNA insights provided annually.
  • Data security and handling in compliance with European standards.

Not included

  • Follow-up consultations or genetic counseling sessions post-results.
  • Any medications or additional medical screenings advised based on test results.
  • Regular updates or insights beyond the annual scope unless upgraded to premium service.
  • Access to mobile app features, Health Score assessments, and Food ID lists without premium upgrade.
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