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GenePlanet offers a comprehensive Premium DNA test that sequences 100% of an individual's DNA, providing an extensive analysis of one's genome. The process involves four steps: ordering the kit, providing a saliva sample, mailing the sample back to GenePlanet's lab in a preaddressed envelope, and receiving results online approximately five weeks after the lab has received the sample. Unlike other companies that may focus on targeted areas of the genome, GenePlanet decodes the entire DNA, which facilitates continuous updates with more than 30 new DNA insights each year based on just one saliva sample. The tests are developed by experts across various scientific fields, ensuring accuracy and trustworthiness backed by the latest science.


  • MyLifestyle DNA test for lifestyle predispositions and daily habit optimization.
  • MyHealth DNA test for disease risk assessment and proactive health protection.
  • MyAncestry DNA test for genetic history and exploration of physical traits.
  • MyOral microbiome test for oral health recommendations.
  • Continuous updates with new reports and features for life.

Not included

  • Any necessary follow-up consultations or further testing based on the results.
  • Medications or treatments that might be recommended after analyzing the test outcomes.
  • Additional costs related to any subsequent personalized prevention plans or lifestyle adjustments.
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