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DNA/Genetic Health Test
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GenePlanet offers a comprehensive MyLifestyle DNA test that provides clients with over 90 personalized analyses based on their genetic information. The procedure begins with the client ordering a test kit, which is delivered within 2–7 days. Upon receipt, the client provides a saliva sample following the provided instructions and mails it back to GenePlanet's lab using a preaddressed envelope. The entire DNA is sequenced to enable a lifetime of insights rather than just targeted snippets. Results are made available online approximately 5 weeks after the sample reaches the lab, offering insights into diet, nutrition, stress management, sleep behaviors, sports preferences, and immune system health. This service is conducted with high security standards and confidentiality in compliance with European and local legislation.


  • Comprehensive genetic analysis covering diet, sports, stress, and sleep.
  • Free shipping of test kit and sample return.
  • Secure online access to results.
  • Lifetime value with regular updates and new insights.

Not included

  • Follow-up consultations to interpret results (unless specified).
  • Medication or additional personalized health recommendations.
  • Cost for any additional tests that may be recommended upon reviewing results.
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