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Dr. Alka Patel, known as The Health Hacktivation Doctor, specializes in personal health optimization and age reversal. Her services encompass work-life synergy, increased vitality, improved performance, emotional regulation, sleep enhancement, stress response fortification, and medication minimization. Precision in health decisions is achieved through comprehensive examination using contemporary health tests and advanced technology. Dr. Alka provides a self-contained online longevity lifestyle course and an inclusive biohacking program to facilitate complete health maintenance. She also extends her expertise to public speaking. As a lifestyle medicine physician and Longevity Expert, her advice is bespoke to each individual and focuses on the development of micro-habits to optimize healthspan and lifespan.

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Dr. Alka Patel provides a comprehensive DNA - Genetic Health Test service, utilizing cutting-edge genetic sequencing technology. This non-invasive test is performed by collecting saliva samples from the patient, after which extensive laboratory analysis is performed. The goal of the Genetic Health Test is to identify potential genetic markers that may indicate predisposition to certain health conditions or illnesses. Through this process, Dr. Patel can assist you in understanding your DNA and its implications for your health and longevity.

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The Gut Microbiome Test, provided by Dr. Alka Patel, involves a detailed analysis of microbes residing in your gastrointestinal tract. This service begins with non-invasive sample collection, followed by advanced DNA sequencing in the lab. This process allows Dr. Patel to identify the different types of bacteria present, potentially revealing critical insights concerning your health. Care is taken to ensure the procedure's precision, often with high-end gear such as next-generation sequencers and automated sample preparation rigs.

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Dr. Alka Patel offers a detailed medical longevity consultation, focusing on creating a strategic self-care plan for her clients. The process commences with scheduling a call that can be booked via her online diary. This initial complimentary consultation aims to understand the client's needs and concerns, whether they are related to specific symptoms, a diagnosis, or interest in health hacking techniques. Dr. Patel uses various tests and devices, to gather information about the client's health status. A short questionnaire follows this call, further helping Dr. Patel in understanding the client's requirements.

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At Dr Alka Patel's longevity clinic, Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) is a comprehensive, illuminating service that allows patients to receive detailed information regarding their glucose levels. This non-invasive procedure involves the application of a small sensor, typically placed on the skin of the patient's upper arm. The sensor records glucose levels continuously throughout the day and night, providing intricate health data for analysis. Utilizing this information, Dr. Alka Patel can then develop personalized health plans that optimize blood sugar control, promoting longevity.

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The Longevity Bloodmarker Test provided by Dr Alka Patel is a comprehensive blood analysis procedure aimed at identifying potential aging patterns and providing insights into one's health trajectory. The process involves drawing a blood sample followed by detailed lab testing using advanced equipment. Dr Patel follows meticulous steps to ensure accuracy, including individual assessment, standardized collection methods, and precise sample analysis, ultimately providing a predictive map of your health and possible longevity factors.


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5 Newlands Close, Edgware HA8 8DQ, United Kingdom
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