DNA - Genetic Health Test

DNA/Genetic Health Test
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Dr. Alka Patel provides a comprehensive DNA - Genetic Health Test service, utilizing cutting-edge genetic sequencing technology. This non-invasive test is performed by collecting saliva samples from the patient, after which extensive laboratory analysis is performed. The goal of the Genetic Health Test is to identify potential genetic markers that may indicate predisposition to certain health conditions or illnesses. Through this process, Dr. Patel can assist you in understanding your DNA and its implications for your health and longevity.


• Pre-test consultation with Dr. Alka Patel
• Non-invasive saliva sample collection
• Lab Analysis using sophisticated genomic sequencing
• Interpretation of results
• Post-test consultation to discuss the findings

Not included

• Any additional tests needed based on genetic test results
• Specific treatments or interventions for identified genetic markers
• Regular monitoring and follow-up consultations beyond the first post-test consultation

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