Gut Microbiome Test

Gut Microbiome Testing
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The Gut Microbiome Test, provided by Dr. Alka Patel, involves a detailed analysis of microbes residing in your gastrointestinal tract. This service begins with non-invasive sample collection, followed by advanced DNA sequencing in the lab. This process allows Dr. Patel to identify the different types of bacteria present, potentially revealing critical insights concerning your health. Care is taken to ensure the procedure's precision, often with high-end gear such as next-generation sequencers and automated sample preparation rigs.


  • Pre-test consultation with Dr. Patel
  • Non-invasive collection of stool sample
  • DNA sequencing of the sample
  • Post-test consultation to interpret results

Not included

  • Follow-up consultations after the interpretation session
  • Any recommended dietary modifications based on the results
  • Additional diagnostic tests if needed based on results
  • Ongoing gut microbiome monitoring.
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