Medical Longevity Consultation

Longevity Doctor Consultation
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Dr. Alka Patel offers a detailed medical longevity consultation, focusing on creating a strategic self-care plan for her clients. The process commences with scheduling a call that can be booked via her online diary. This initial complimentary consultation aims to understand the client's needs and concerns, whether they are related to specific symptoms, a diagnosis, or interest in health hacking techniques. Dr. Patel uses various tests and devices, to gather information about the client's health status. A short questionnaire follows this call, further helping Dr. Patel in understanding the client's requirements.


  • Complimentary initial consultation
  • Use of unspecified tests and devices for health assessment
  • Short questionnaire to understand client's needs 

Not included

  • Any follow-ups post the initial consultation may need to be paid separately.
  • Any medications or additional consultations outside of the primary procedure could incur separate charges.
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