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Viome is an innovative healthcare provider specializing in advanced microbiome health solutions. Utilizing artificial intelligence, they offer custom food recommendations and tailor supplement ingredients for clients, based on advanced RNA sequencing technology and microbiome analysis. Their service includes delivering customer-specific probiotics and prebiotic fibers, and personalized products based on the latest test results. Clients receive up to 50+ health scores with each test, discovering the intricate relationships between their microbiome activities and different health aspects. Viome focuses on pinpointing and addressing the root causes of symptoms, striving to restore one's microbiome and cellular functions, the pillars of health and longevity.

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The Gut Intelligence™ Test, together with the Precision Probiotics + Prebiotics, is a comprehensive procedure aimed at enhancing digestive and gut health. The test is foundational for those seeking to monitor and address gut imbalances or health complications related to poor gut health. It covers various gut health scores, provides insight into potentially harmful foods, recommends necessary supplements, and proposes specific strains of probiotics and prebiotic fibers.

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The Gut Intelligence™ Test is a comprehensive stool examination procedure aimed at evaluating the health of your gut microbiota. In-depth understanding of your gut flora can guide personalized dietary and supplement recommendations. Insights from this test help address gut imbalances and other health symptoms that may be related to poor gut health.


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205 108th Ave NE Suite 150, Bellevue, WA 98004, USA
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