Gut Biome Hometest w. precision probiotics and prebiotics

Gut Microbiome Testing
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The Gut Intelligence™ Test, together with the Precision Probiotics + Prebiotics, is a comprehensive procedure aimed at enhancing digestive and gut health. The test is foundational for those seeking to monitor and address gut imbalances or health complications related to poor gut health. It covers various gut health scores, provides insight into potentially harmful foods, recommends necessary supplements, and proposes specific strains of probiotics and prebiotic fibers.


  • Over 20 gut health scores.
  • Identification of "healthy" foods that may harm your gut.
  • Personalized, specific supplement recommendations for gut health.
  • Propositions of required probiotic strains and prebiotic fibers.
  • Recommendations to promote the good activity in your gut.
  • Optimization of unique glycemic response to food.
  • Measures to address activities contributing to inflammation.
  • A complimentary Gut Intelligence retest kit every 12 orders.

Not included

  • Insights beyond gut health.
  • Dietary guidelines or food lists outside of the nutrients needed for gut health.
  • Provisions of probiotics and prebiotics outside the US and Canada, except Newfoundland.
  • Proactively dealing with non-gut related health issues.
  • Recommendation for supplements not linked to gut health.
  • Non-stool sample collections.
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