Gut Intelligence™ Test

Gut Microbiome Testing
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The Gut Intelligence™ Test is a comprehensive stool examination procedure aimed at evaluating the health of your gut microbiota. In-depth understanding of your gut flora can guide personalized dietary and supplement recommendations. Insights from this test help address gut imbalances and other health symptoms that may be related to poor gut health.


  • 20+ gut health scores that provide detailed insights into your gut health
  • Identification of potentially harmful foods to your gut
  • Personalized recommendations for supplements to address gut health
  • Specific probiotic strains and prebiotic fibers recommendations
  • Guidance on promoting good gut activity and optimizing glycemic response to food
  • Addressing activities contributing to inflammation
  • FSA/HSA eligibility for reimbursement
  • Stool sample collection for analysis

Not included

  • Diagnosis of specific medical conditions or diseases
  • Prescription medications or medical treatments
  • Genetic testing or analysis
  • In-person consultations or personalized meal plans
  • Analysis of other body systems or organs outside of the gut microbiome
  • Immediate results or emergency medical support
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