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As an established healthcare provider, TruDiagnostic™ is leading in fields of DNA methylation-based research and epigenetic data analysis. They partner with prominent biotech developers and researchers to transform epigenetic data into actionable insights. With over 30 ongoing clinical trials and collaborations with respected academic institutions, they utilize novel biological insights to improve the lifespan and quality of human life. They also pride in having an extensive epigenetic database, having tested over 17,000 patients. The platform offers an online portal for healthcare professionals for seamless administration and is globally recognised, maintaining partnerships worldwide and adhering to stringent E.U. diagnostic standards.

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The TruAge COMPLETE is an all-encompassing, at-home, biological blood age test. Developed with the most advanced, scientific protocols, the test identifies your real age from a biological standpoint. It provides detailed metrics on the rate of cellular aging, offering an in-depth examination of specific age-related biomarkers. This makes TruAge COMPLETE a sought-after solution for those keen on understanding and addressing aging dynamics.

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TruAge PACE is an at-home epigenetic test that evaluates the rate of your body's aging at a cellular level. Designed for anti-aging enthusiasts, this test kit allows you to monitor the effectiveness of lifestyle modifications, environment changes, and medical procedures on your aging process. The purpose is to understand the pace of aging and the implications of telomere length in biological aging.


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881 Corporate Dr, Lexington, KY 40503, USA
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