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The TruAge COMPLETE is an all-encompassing, at-home, biological blood age test. Developed with the most advanced, scientific protocols, the test identifies your real age from a biological standpoint. It provides detailed metrics on the rate of cellular aging, offering an in-depth examination of specific age-related biomarkers. This makes TruAge COMPLETE a sought-after solution for those keen on understanding and addressing aging dynamics.


The TruAge COMPLETE kit provides different components: a Biological Age report that determines your overall biological age plus the age of your immune system, a Pace of Aging report that calculates your speed of aging, a Telomere Length report, and analyses of the impact of alcohol consumption and smoke exposure on your DNA and aging processes. In addition, the kit identifies weight loss response indicating whether caloric restriction would be beneficial for weight loss based on your DNA expression.

Not included

The TruAge COMPLETE test does not feature adjustment procedures for the aging metrics or any interventions to slow down accelerated aging. It doesn't provide treatment plans, dietary recommendations, or lifestyle habit suggestions. Further, the report does not disclose how specific genetic variations may affect your biological aging process.

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