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TruAge PACE is an at-home epigenetic test that evaluates the rate of your body's aging at a cellular level. Designed for anti-aging enthusiasts, this test kit allows you to monitor the effectiveness of lifestyle modifications, environment changes, and medical procedures on your aging process. The purpose is to understand the pace of aging and the implications of telomere length in biological aging.


The TruAge PACE kit incorporates two critical measures with each purchase. The first is the Pace of Aging report, which uses the patented DunedinPACE algorithm to determine your current aging speed, and thus offer insights into your biological age. The second element included is the Telomere Length report, which educates you on the size of your telomeres and its comparison to people of similar chronological age, reflecting on your overall aging speed.

Not included

The TruAge PACE kit does not include any broader or baseline age-related measurements that are part of the TruAge COMPLETE kit. Moreover, it does not provide any practical solutions or interventions to improve age-related metrics. The aim is primarily to track and understand your aging process rather than offering remedies or therapies for anti-aging.

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