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Medichecks, based in the UK, offers a broad variety of comprehensive blood tests, catering to various health aspects such as female and male health, thyroid function, and sports performance. Their system allows users to conveniently take samples at home and send them for analysis. The results, alongside expert medical advice for improved health, are made available on an online dashboard. Their services notably include the Advanced Well Woman and Well Man Blood Tests, focused on long-term health, and the unique Ultimate Performance Blood Test, designed for sports-related health analysis.

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The Female Hormone Blood Test provided by the healthcare provider allows clients to measure their female and thyroid hormone levels which impact fertility, mood, and energy. The procedure involves a blood sample in which 9 biomarkers are analyzed and results are projected in approximately 2 working days. This test can pinpoint hormonal imbalances or thyroid issues that may be causing symptoms like acne, weight gain, or fatigue. The test kit empowers users to monitor their hormone levels over time, tracking changes with age or the effects of hormone replacement therapy. The sample can be collected at home through a finger-prick method or at a clinic through venous blood sampling.

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The Male Hormone Blood Test, available through Medichecks, quantifies the levels of male and adrenal hormones in an individual's blood. This includes hormones that are influential in sex drive, mood, muscle mass, and energy. To collect the sample, individuals have the option to use a provided kit for a finger-prick blood sample at home or have their venous blood sample taken by a nurse either at a clinic or during a home visit. This test examines a mix of hormones and proteins including testosterone (the main male sex hormone), DHEA sulphate (a precursor to testosterone), follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH), luteinising hormone (LH), prolactin and oestradiol. It also offers an estimation of free testosterone in relation to total testosterone, SHBG, albumin, and the free androgen index.

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The Men’s Ultimate At Home Blood Test offered by the provider is an advanced finger-prick test designed to assess the general health of men. The test checks liver and kidney function, testosterone levels, cholesterol status, and nutritional markers. The patient collects their own finger-prick blood sample from home with the kit sent by the provider. This kit is designed to measure 16 biomarkers and usually provides results within an estimated three working days. Additionally, a doctor's comments are included in this test, providing a professional interpretation of the results.

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The Women’s Ultimate At Home Blood Test is a comprehensive health check procedure conducted by the provider. It is a self-administered finger-prick test that measures 16 biomarkers and provides insights into an individual's cholesterol status, nutritional markers, thyroid, liver, and kidney function. This advanced test aims to help women understand their risk of developing lifestyle-related diseases and make informed decisions towards enhancing their energy, immunity, and overall wellbeing. The sampling equipment is sent to the user's home and upon completion, the sample is sent back to the lab for analysis. Results are typically delivered within an estimated three working days.


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