Female Hormone Blood Test

Hormone Testing
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The Female Hormone Blood Test provided by the healthcare provider allows clients to measure their female and thyroid hormone levels which impact fertility, mood, and energy. The procedure involves a blood sample in which 9 biomarkers are analyzed and results are projected in approximately 2 working days. This test can pinpoint hormonal imbalances or thyroid issues that may be causing symptoms like acne, weight gain, or fatigue. The test kit empowers users to monitor their hormone levels over time, tracking changes with age or the effects of hormone replacement therapy. The sample can be collected at home through a finger-prick method or at a clinic through venous blood sampling.


  • Home collection kit for finger-prick blood sample
  • Analysis of 9 biomarkers related to female and thyroid hormones
  • Monitoring tool to track hormone levels over time
  • Doctor's comments on test results

Not included

  • Consultation fees separate from the test itself
  • Follow-up activities post-test
  • Medication or treatment options based on test results
  • Venous blood sample collection at clinic or home (additional fees apply)
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