Women’s Ultimate At Home Blood Test

Hormone Testing
Home delivery: EU, UK
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The Women’s Ultimate At Home Blood Test is a comprehensive health check procedure conducted by the provider. It is a self-administered finger-prick test that measures 16 biomarkers and provides insights into an individual's cholesterol status, nutritional markers, thyroid, liver, and kidney function. This advanced test aims to help women understand their risk of developing lifestyle-related diseases and make informed decisions towards enhancing their energy, immunity, and overall wellbeing. The sampling equipment is sent to the user's home and upon completion, the sample is sent back to the lab for analysis. Results are typically delivered within an estimated three working days.


  • Provision of all necessary equipment for home blood sample collection.
  • Evaluation of 16 biomarkers including those related to thyroid, liver, and kidney function.
  • Analysis of cholesterol status and nutritional markers such as ferritin, active B12 and vitamin D.
  • Detailed results with comments from a qualified clinician.

Not included

  • Professional venous blood sample collection at the clinic or home (additional fee applies).
  • Follow-up consultations post-test or treatment based on the results.
  • Medication or supplements based on the test results.
  • Any separate consultation fees or costs associated with interpreting results independently.
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