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Copenhagen Medical A/S specializes in offering several healthcare services, including COVID-19 testing, vaccinations, and blood tests. They offer personalized COVID-19 tests, supplying both PCR and rapid antigen tests, and providing quick turnarounds with digital certification for travel purposes. In addition to this, their vaccination services cover a range of diseases, extending from seasonal to travel-related diseases. They offer targeted advice to customers regarding appropriate vaccines based on their unique travel plans and health requirements. Furthermore, Copenhagen Medical A/S provides SARS-CoV-2 antibody tests, aimed at determining if individuals have been previously infected with the coronavirus. Their approach to healthcare places emphasis on preventive measures and tailor-made solutions for businesses.

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The comprehensive blood test (Stor Blodprøvepakke) is a blood test performed by Copenhagen Medical A/S. The procedure involves drawing blood from a vein with a very thin needle. The blood samples are taken to provide an overall assessment of the patient's health, including the function of internal organs, red and white blood cells, liver and bile duct function, risk of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases, kidney function and fluid and salt balance, infection levels and the identification of potential types of infection, overall metabolism, D-vitamin and calcium levels. The test results are communicated via

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Copenhagen Medical A/S offers a package for hormonal blood tests aimed at providing an overview of the patient's hormonal balance. The blood sample is collected from a vein using a fine needle, and even if multiple vials of blood are needed for the various analyses, they ensure only a single puncture is administered. The hormones analyzed in this package include Testosterone, Estradiol/Østradiol, Prolactin, LH, FSH, and Progesterone. The optimal time for testing is between 09:00-12:00 and there is no need for the patient to be fasting.

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Konditest Plus is a health check designed to provide insight into the physical condition of an individual's body. The procedure involves a comprehensive body analysis covering aspects like muscle distribution, fat, bone mass, and fluid balance, with a specific focus on biological age. The process also measures the individual's cardiovascular fitness (also known as VO2-max), lung capacity (peak flow), blood pressure, and pulse rate. The test employs advanced technology for measurements and does not require a stationary bike or change of clothes. The entire procedure takes approximately half an hour.


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