Comprehensive Blood Test

Blood Test
On location: Amager Boul. 70, 2300 Copenhagen
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The comprehensive blood test (Stor Blodprøvepakke) is a blood test performed by Copenhagen Medical A/S. The procedure involves drawing blood from a vein with a very thin needle. The blood samples are taken to provide an overall assessment of the patient's health, including the function of internal organs, red and white blood cells, liver and bile duct function, risk of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases, kidney function and fluid and salt balance, infection levels and the identification of potential types of infection, overall metabolism, D-vitamin and calcium levels. The test results are communicated via sundhed.dk.


  • Comprehensive blood draw
  • Assessment of various health aspects (internal organ functions, red and white blood cells, liver and bile duct function etc.)
  • Communication of test results through sundhed.dk

Not included

- Follow-up consultations or treatments
- Extra blood tests for specific concerns (such as potential liver damage due to alcohol consumption)
- Medication prescriptions or adjustments (if applicable) based on test results.

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