KondiTest Plus

Health Assessment
On location: Amager Boul. 70, 2300 Copenhagen
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Konditest Plus is a health check designed to provide insight into the physical condition of an individual's body. The procedure involves a comprehensive body analysis covering aspects like muscle distribution, fat, bone mass, and fluid balance, with a specific focus on biological age. The process also measures the individual's cardiovascular fitness (also known as VO2-max), lung capacity (peak flow), blood pressure, and pulse rate. The test employs advanced technology for measurements and does not require a stationary bike or change of clothes. The entire procedure takes approximately half an hour.


  • Comprehensive body analysis (including muscle distribution, fat, bone mass, and fluid)
  • Measurement of cardiovascular fitness (VO2-max)
  • Lung capacity (peak flow) assessment
  • Blood pressure and pulse rate measurement

Not included

  • Follow-up tests or assessments
  • Any post-procedure medications or separate consultations
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