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Atlas Biomed Group Limited offers personalized healthcare assessments through advanced DNA and microbiome testing. Their tests determine genetic predispositions to hereditary diseases and nutrient intolerance, alongside an individual's ancestry. A separate microbiome analysis provides insights into gut bacteria, influencing personalized dietary guidance. The integration of these tests enables a comprehensive understanding of a person's health risks, nutritional metabolism, sports injury vulnerabilities, and unique genetic traits.
The company leverages mobile technology to deliver ongoing health, diet, and sports activity recommendations while ensuring user convenience through a dedicated mobile application. They maintain high-quality standards, evidenced by their ISO 13485:2016 accreditation, and prioritize data security with robust encryption and strict adherence to GDPR. Atlas Biomed actively promotes preventive health strategies and offers educational resources, including ebooks and health courses, to encourage informed health and lifestyle decisions.

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Atlas Biomed offers a DNA test kit designed to provide individuals with a comprehensive genetic profile encompassing health, nutrition, physical activity, and ancestry. The process involves the collection of a saliva sample by the individual, which is then sent to Atlas Biomed for analysis. Utilizing advanced molecular technology and DNA microarray technology from Illumina, the sample is examined in an ISO 13485:2016 accredited, certified EU laboratory. Upon completion of the analysis, customers can access their results through a personal account that presents detailed findings in an organized and user-friendly online dashboard.

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The Atlas Microbiome Test, also known as the Ohmygut® test, is a procedure administered by Atlas Biomed that involves the collection and analysis of a stool sample to assess the bacterial composition of an individual's gut microbiome. During this procedure, clients collect their own stool sample at home using a provided kit and send it to Atlas Biomed's certified EU laboratory for molecular DNA analysis of the bacteria. Clients can access their results via a personal account, which will include information such as their microbiome health score, vitamin synthesis potential by their gut bacteria, and protection against specific diseases based on their microbiome's composition. Additionally, personalized food recommendations are offered to help improve microbiome health.


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