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The Atlas Microbiome Test, also known as the Ohmygut® test, is a procedure administered by Atlas Biomed that involves the collection and analysis of a stool sample to assess the bacterial composition of an individual's gut microbiome. During this procedure, clients collect their own stool sample at home using a provided kit and send it to Atlas Biomed's certified EU laboratory for molecular DNA analysis of the bacteria. Clients can access their results via a personal account, which will include information such as their microbiome health score, vitamin synthesis potential by their gut bacteria, and protection against specific diseases based on their microbiome's composition. Additionally, personalized food recommendations are offered to help improve microbiome health.


A microbiome test kit for at-home stool sample collection.
DNA analysis of gut bacteria by a certified EU lab.
Personalized account access to view results.
Recommendations for food intake to improve microbiome health.
A free gut health consultation with an expert nutritionist.

Not included

Regular follow-up tests (suggested every 3 months).
Probiotic supplements (these are recommended separately).
Additional consultations beyond the initial free session.
Medication or treatment for any diagnosed condition resulting from the test findings.

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