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Atlas Biomed offers a DNA test kit designed to provide individuals with a comprehensive genetic profile encompassing health, nutrition, physical activity, and ancestry. The process involves the collection of a saliva sample by the individual, which is then sent to Atlas Biomed for analysis. Utilizing advanced molecular technology and DNA microarray technology from Illumina, the sample is examined in an ISO 13485:2016 accredited, certified EU laboratory. Upon completion of the analysis, customers can access their results through a personal account that presents detailed findings in an organized and user-friendly online dashboard.


A saliva collection kit for DNA sample submission.
Advanced molecular analysis of the DNA sample.
Access to an online personal account for viewing results.
Comprehensive report including health risks, carrier status for hereditary conditions, metabolism of nutrients, predispositions to nutrient intolerances, and ancestry composition.
Actionable lifestyle and dietary recommendations based on the analysis.

Not included

Consultations with healthcare professionals to interpret the test results.
Follow-up medical testing or genetic counseling services post-results.
Medications or treatments based on the findings of the DNA test.
Additional costs associated with further personalized nutrition or health planning.

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