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Health Assessment
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Konditest Plus is a health check designed to provide insight into the physical condition of an individual's body. The procedure involves a comprehensive body analysis covering aspects like muscle distribution, fat, bone mass, and fluid balance, with a specific focus on biological age. The process also measures the individual's cardiovascular fitness (also known as VO2-max), lung capacity (peak flow), blood pressure, and pulse rate. The test employs advanced technology for measurements and does not require a stationary bike or change of clothes. The entire procedure takes approximately half an hour.

About Health Assessment

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The population of Copenhagen, Denmark is 1,520,000.
The nearest airport to Copenhagen is Kastrup Airport.
1. Copenhagen University Hospital School of Medicine 2. Aarhus University School of Medicine 3. Odense University School of Medicine 4. Aalborg University Hospital School of Medicine
The average price for accommodation in Copenhagen, Denmark is around $200 USD per night.
The most popular attraction in Copenhagen, Denmark is the Tivoli Gardens.
The main currency used in Copenhagen, Denmark is the Danish Krone.
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