Biological Age Test

Biological Age test
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Wild Health offers a TruDiagnostic™ Biological Age Test designed to analyze an individual's biological age through DNA methylation. The test measures the rate of aging and identifies specific factors influencing it. Patients receive a TruAge Test Kit to collect a blood sample at home using the Tasso device or finger prick method. Samples are packaged following provided instructions and mailed back using a pre-paid return label. After analysis, which takes approximately 3-4 weeks, results are reviewed during a scheduled Physician Visit. Wild Health's board-certified clinicians, trained in Precision Medicine, use these results to create personalized health plans that may include dietary, exercise, and sleep strategies tailored to the patient’s DNA.


  • Detailed personalized health plan based on DNA and lab results.
  • Customized recommendations for diet, exercise, and sleep strategy.
  • Initial Physician Visit with a Precision Medicine Provider and Health Coach for an hour-long review of the health plan.

Not included

  • Cost of the Tasso device (required for blood sample collection).
  • Frequent retesting beyond what is included in memberships (recommended every six months).
  • Any additional Physician Visits beyond the initial interpretation session.
  • Follow-up consultations or medication costs potentially arising from tailored recommendations.
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