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Wild Health, offers a comprehensive Precision Medicine service that begins with an extensive genetic test analyzing over 700,000 single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs). The patient undergoes advanced bloodwork testing for more than 68 biomarkers. Quarterly visits are scheduled with a board-certified Precision Medicine physician, and follow-up lab testing is conducted at these intervals. Patients receive a 50-page Personal Health Report, and their medical history and lifestyle are thoroughly assessed. Wild Health also provides unlimited health coaching sessions and messaging support. The personalized health plan addresses various aspects such as nutrition, exercise, recovery, and supplements. Advanced testing options and care support for prescriptions and referrals are also part of the service.

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Wild Health offers a TruDiagnostic™ Biological Age Test designed to analyze an individual's biological age through DNA methylation. The test measures the rate of aging and identifies specific factors influencing it. Patients receive a TruAge Test Kit to collect a blood sample at home using the Tasso device or finger prick method. Samples are packaged following provided instructions and mailed back using a pre-paid return label. After analysis, which takes approximately 3-4 weeks, results are reviewed during a scheduled Physician Visit. Wild Health's board-certified clinicians, trained in Precision Medicine, use these results to create personalized health plans that may include dietary, exercise, and sleep strategies tailored to the patient’s DNA.


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2073 Mercer Rd, Lexington, KY 40511, United States
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