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WHOOP Membership offers a comprehensive service for individuals seeking to enhance their fitness journey through detailed health monitoring. The membership includes access to a proprietary wearable device that is calibrated specifically to the individual user. It provides personalized coaching aimed at improving sleep, workouts, recovery, and overall performance. WHOOP emphasizes constant innovation in building advanced wearables to assist members in focusing on their personal health and goals. Additionally, the service fosters community building by allowing members to join or create teams within the app for added motivation and engagement with like-minded individuals.


  • Personalized wearable device optimized for the individual member.
  • Access to the WHOOP app for tracking sleep, workouts, and recovery.
  • Option to join or create a WHOOP Team within the app.
  • Inclusion of pre-owned device with the 1 month free trial option.

Not included

  • Follow-up consultations post-membership duration.
  • Additional cost for any new devices after the initial provision with membership.
  • Medications or external consultations related to personal health improvements.
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