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WHOOP is a health-monitoring platform endorsed by health and performance experts. It offers devices that capture essential biometric data to provide users with detailed insights into their health. These devices track key performance metrics and emphasize sleep optimization by monitoring sleep performance and consistency. The platform adapts to the individual user's physiological baselines and provides personalized recommendations to enhance lifestyle and training programs.

Designed with a minimalist approach, WHOOP devices are screen-free, allowing continuous wear without the need for regular removal for charging. They can be worn on different parts of the body and offer lab-level data accuracy. WHOOP offers a degree of personalization through a variety of color and material combinations. Users can choose from multiple membership plans, including options for discounted rates, annual subscriptions, and a free trial period with a pre-owned device. Additionally, WHOOP promotes community engagement by enabling users to share their health metrics with others.

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WHOOP Membership offers a comprehensive service for individuals seeking to enhance their fitness journey through detailed health monitoring. The membership includes access to a proprietary wearable device that is calibrated specifically to the individual user. It provides personalized coaching aimed at improving sleep, workouts, recovery, and overall performance. WHOOP emphasizes constant innovation in building advanced wearables to assist members in focusing on their personal health and goals. Additionally, the service fosters community building by allowing members to join or create teams within the app for added motivation and engagement with like-minded individuals.


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One Kenmore Square, Boston, Massachusetts, USA
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