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Vista Health offers colonoscopy procedures, an effective diagnostic examination for bowel conditions, changes, and abnormalities. The procedure involves inserting a flexible telescope into the patient's back passage, inflating the large bowel with air to facilitate an in-depth examination. This equipment allows the endoscopist to take photographs and perform biopsies for accurate diagnoses. Vista Health performs this procedure under conscious sedation, typically taking between 30-45 minutes. The endoscopist may offer gas and air or a sedative to ensure patient comfort. If necessary, such as the discovery of colon polyps, the doctor can simultaneously take samples or remove tissue for further laboratory analysis.


  • Consultations with a Consultant Gastroenterologist
  • Use of conscious sedation during the procedure
  • Detailed examination using specialized endoscopy equipment
  • Biopsy sampling, if needed
  • Rapid report turn around within three working days
  • Support from the medical team throughout the process

Not included

  • Follow-up consultations post-procedure
  • Costs for any prescribed medications post-procedure
  • Separate charges for laboratory analysis of biopsied tissue
  • Outpatient consultation prior to the procedure
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