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Vista Health is a UK healthcare provider specialising in a diverse range of diagnostic services, including MRI, ECHO, Ultrasound Scan, Endoscopy, CT Scan, Audiology, DEXA Scan, X-ray, and ECG Services. Enabling fast access to their clinics, appointments are often available within 24 hours, and clinical reports are delivered within three working days. They possess a dedicated GP Referral Service and offer same-day appointments for specific services. Additionally, they provide specialist services such as Open Upright MRI for patients with anxiety or claustrophobia and Total Body MRI Scan for a comprehensive health overview. Also designed is a Referrer Portal for health professionals for efficient patient referrals.

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Vista Health offers colonoscopy procedures, an effective diagnostic examination for bowel conditions, changes, and abnormalities. The procedure involves inserting a flexible telescope into the patient's back passage, inflating the large bowel with air to facilitate an in-depth examination. This equipment allows the endoscopist to take photographs and perform biopsies for accurate diagnoses. Vista Health performs this procedure under conscious sedation, typically taking between 30-45 minutes. The endoscopist may offer gas and air or a sedative to ensure patient comfort. If necessary, such as the discovery of colon polyps, the doctor can simultaneously take samples or remove tissue for further laboratory analysis.

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The DEXA scan offered by the provider is a swift and convenient medical procedure designed to measure bone density and detect potential bone disorders such as osteoporosis, osteopenia, brittle bone disease, and osteomalacia. The procedure is executed using advanced DEXA scanning technology that employs low levels of X-ray beams to generate detailed images of the patient's bones. The process involves the patient lying flat for approximately 20 minutes while the scanner creates images of specific body parts such as the spine, hip or forearm. The scans are conducted promptly and safely, ensuring a painless experience for patients.

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Vista Health, offers a comprehensive Total Body MRI scan that provides a detailed evaluation of an individual's overall health. The procedure incorporates scans of the brain, abdomen, pelvis, and the entire spine. For those who opt for their Platinum package, the examination extends to include the heart as well. Results from these scans are probed and interpreted by a Specialist Consultant Radiologist within three working days. The care provider emphasizes prompt service, with immediate access to appointments and scans. All procedures are executed using cutting-edge scanners that generate high-resolution images for optimal diagnostic precision.


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Beechwood Hall, Kingsmead Road, High Wycombe HP11 1JL, UK
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