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Gut Microbiome Testing
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Thorne offers an at-home Gut Health Test that analyzes the microbiome through a stool sample using whole-genome sequencing. The test assesses various health metrics, including intestinal permeability, gut dysbiosis, digestion, inflammation, enteric nervous system imbalance, microbial diversity, micronutrient production, short-chain fatty acid production, immune readiness and the presence of pathogens. Utilizing a novel microbiome wipe for sample collection simplifies the process, enhancing user experience with less mess. An independent board-certified physician reviews the results before they are shared with the client along with personalized diet, lifestyle and supplement recommendations.


  • Prepaid shipping materials for sending stool sample to the lab
  • Activation code for online test activation and completion of health profile
  • Personalized results reviewed by an independent board-certified physician
  • Personalized improvement plan for dietary, supplement and lifestyle habits

Not included

  • Follow-up consultation to review test results (assumed as not explicitly mentioned)
  • Medications or supplements recommended post-result analysis (must be purchased separately)
  • Any additional testing or retesting after initial results are provided
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