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Thorne is a health company that emphasizes personalized health solutions to enhance individual well-being across various life stages. Their approach to health is embodied in Thorne Health Intelligence, where they pursue innovative methods to maximize human potential. The company manufactures supplements and health solutions, prioritizing trust and quality in their products. Educational efforts are also a significant part of their mission, offering quizzes, guides, and ingredient insights to guide individuals toward informed wellness decisions. Their supplements are backed by NSF Certification, demonstrating a commitment to high safety and quality standards. Moreover, Thorne extends community support through services such as professional consultations and programs that connect users with health professionals and like-minded individuals seeking to improve their health and athletic performance.

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The Biological Age Health Panel offered by Thorne is a comprehensive blood panel test designed to assess an individual's biological age by evaluating various biomarkers. The procedure begins with the completion of a health profile, followed by a scheduled blood draw at a nearby lab, which requires the patient to fast for 12 hours prior to the appointment to ensure accuracy of the results. Thorne employs artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies in the analysis of the biomarkers to generate an Age Score and detailed insight into the patient's biological age. The multi-omic testing approach integrates personal results to map out an improvement plan that includes recommendations for diet, exercise, lifestyle changes, and supplements. The aim is to provide individuals with actionable strategies to maintain and potentially improve their health while tracking aging progression over time.

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Thorne offers an at-home Gut Health Test that analyzes the microbiome through a stool sample using whole-genome sequencing. The test assesses various health metrics, including intestinal permeability, gut dysbiosis, digestion, inflammation, enteric nervous system imbalance, microbial diversity, micronutrient production, short-chain fatty acid production, immune readiness and the presence of pathogens. Utilizing a novel microbiome wipe for sample collection simplifies the process, enhancing user experience with less mess. An independent board-certified physician reviews the results before they are shared with the client along with personalized diet, lifestyle and supplement recommendations.


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