TallyAge™ Test

Biological Age test
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The TallyAge™ Test offered by TH is a non-invasive epigenetic assessment designed to ascertain an individual’s biological age as determined through DNA methylation analysis of cheek cell samples. Upon subscription or one-time purchase, a self-administered cheek swab kit is dispatched to the client's home. Post-collection, the sample is mailed back to TH's laboratory for evaluation. The derived TallyAge™ metric reflects the client's aging process on a biological level. The test results are then used to formulate personalized lifestyle recommendations accessible via TH's digital platform, aiming to inform and guide the client in adopting health-promoting habits.


  • Initial at-home TallyAge™ epigenetic age test kit.
  • Laboratory analysis of cheek swab sample.
  • Personalized action plan based on test results.
  • Access to insights and recommendations through the digital platform.
  • For members: ongoing support including re-testing every six months, Vitality supplement shipments, and updated action plans.

Not included

  • Follow-up consultations with healthcare professionals.
  • Any additional lab tests or medical procedures that may be recommended after assessment.
  • Medications or treatments resulting from personalized recommendations.
  • Costs associated with implementing suggested lifestyle changes (e.g., diet, exercise programs).
  • Membership benefits for single test purchasers.
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