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Tally Health offers a suite of health services designed to assess and improve aging based on personal biometrics. The core of their offering is the TallyAge™ Test, a non-invasive cheek swab that analyzes DNA methylation patterns to determine biological age. This service is complemented by customized health plans tailored to individual test results, guiding users toward healthier lifestyles. To support habit formation, Tally Health provides access to a digital platform and a Vitality supplement specifically formulated to address aging. The company advises semi-annual health re-assessments to track progress and refine recommendations. Grounded in extensive longevity research, Tally Health develops its services with the understanding that lifestyle and environmental factors are significant contributors to aging. The company also considers a comprehensive set of aging markers in their product development to offer integrative solutions for aging-related challenges. Their approach to longevity is informed by science, with a commitment to making lifestyle medicine and longevity science accessible to a broad audience.

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The TallyAge™ Test offered by TH is a non-invasive epigenetic assessment designed to ascertain an individual’s biological age as determined through DNA methylation analysis of cheek cell samples. Upon subscription or one-time purchase, a self-administered cheek swab kit is dispatched to the client's home. Post-collection, the sample is mailed back to TH's laboratory for evaluation. The derived TallyAge™ metric reflects the client's aging process on a biological level. The test results are then used to formulate personalized lifestyle recommendations accessible via TH's digital platform, aiming to inform and guide the client in adopting health-promoting habits.


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228 Park Avenue South, New York, NY, USA
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