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Hormone Testing
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Smart Nutrition offers a hormone test that involves collecting samples which are then sent to top UK medical testing laboratories. The hormone test is designed to evaluate specific hormonal levels, such as estrogen and progesterone, adrenal and thyroid hormones, and other related panels for both men and women. Utilizing cutting-edge functional health testing methods, SN helps clients gain valuable insights into their personal health by measuring biochemical factors and assessing health risks. The process starts with selecting the appropriate test, followed by sample collection by the client, and concludes with the laboratory analyzing the samples and Smart Nutrition providing comments on the results to help interpret them for the client.


  • Selection of a suitable hormone test from a comprehensive menu.
  • Detailed instructions for sample collection.
  • Analysis of samples in partnership with top UK medical labs.
  • Comments on lab results to aid in understanding findings.
  • Assistance in implementing necessary health changes.

Not included

  • Booking fees for additional consultations for an in-depth analysis of results.
  • Costs related to medications or treatments following test results.
  • Follow-up testing or ongoing monitoring of hormone levels.
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