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Smart Nutrition offers functional medicine health tests that provide personalized insights into an individual's well-being. They conduct an extensive range of tests aimed at identifying nutrient deficiencies and screening for various health conditions. The healthcare provider has established partnerships with reputable UK medical testing labs to ensure a comprehensive health assessment for their clients. Among their offerings is the exclusive Smart SIBO test – underlining their specialized expertise in managing and providing support for Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO) conditions. Additionally, their GI Map Test includes a broad spectrum of bacterial markers, highlighting a commitment to advanced gastrointestinal health analysis. They cater to clients holding private medical insurance policies with compatibility for several insurers. The testing process is streamlined through easy online ordering of test kits, which are then sent back to the labs for analysis, followed by thorough commentary on the results to facilitate health optimization.

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Smart Nutrition offers a comprehensive blood test to assess an individual's personal health status. Upon selecting the desired blood test from their menu, clients receive a test kit for sample collection. The procedure involves self-collection of a blood sample, which must then be sent back to the lab for analysis. Smart Nutrition has partnered with top UK medical testing laboratories to process these samples. Once the results are available, they provide commentary on the lab findings to help clients understand the implications of their results. Clients are also encouraged to book a follow-up consultation for personalized advice on any necessary lifestyle or health changes based on their test outcomes.

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Smart Nutrition offers a hormone test that involves collecting samples which are then sent to top UK medical testing laboratories. The hormone test is designed to evaluate specific hormonal levels, such as estrogen and progesterone, adrenal and thyroid hormones, and other related panels for both men and women. Utilizing cutting-edge functional health testing methods, SN helps clients gain valuable insights into their personal health by measuring biochemical factors and assessing health risks. The process starts with selecting the appropriate test, followed by sample collection by the client, and concludes with the laboratory analyzing the samples and Smart Nutrition providing comments on the results to help interpret them for the client.


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