Blood Test

Blood Test
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Smart Nutrition offers a comprehensive blood test to assess an individual's personal health status. Upon selecting the desired blood test from their menu, clients receive a test kit for sample collection. The procedure involves self-collection of a blood sample, which must then be sent back to the lab for analysis. Smart Nutrition has partnered with top UK medical testing laboratories to process these samples. Once the results are available, they provide commentary on the lab findings to help clients understand the implications of their results. Clients are also encouraged to book a follow-up consultation for personalized advice on any necessary lifestyle or health changes based on their test outcomes.


  • Provision of a blood test kit for sample collection
  • Lab analysis of the blood sample
  • Commentary on the lab results

Not included

  • Follow-up consultations to implement health changes
  • Any medication or additional treatments resulting from test findings
  • Separate payment for consultations or further diagnostic procedures
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