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Gut Microbiome Testing
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The provider, Ombre, offers a comprehensive gut health test named "Test My Gut" aimed at advancing personal wellness. The test procedure involves the analysis of a customer's microbial DNA to provide insightful food and probiotic recommendations tailored to their unique digestion, mental health, and immunity needs. The process also includes a bacterial analysis for clear identification of the bacteria present in the customer's sample, followed by guidance on next steps. Ombre relies on clinically-studied strains ensuring transparency in every label. The utilization of cutting-edge scientific methods and individualized experience are central to Ombre's services.


  • Non-GMO, FODMAP Friendly, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, and Tree Nut Free test
  • Detailed Microbiome Report with Ombre Score
  • Customized Food Suggestions based on individual dietary requirements
  • Targeted Probiotic Recommendations
  • Prepaid shipping box & label for sample collection and return

Not included

  • Post-test consultations or follow-ups
  • Medications related to test results
  • Additional testing beyond gut microbiome analysis
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