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Ombre, a healthcare provider based in San Francisco, is recognized for its focus on gut health. Their services offer an integrated approach of science and wellness to personalize care for each individual. A key aspect of their offerings includes microbiome reports, which are personalized with probiotic recommendations to aid in reaching wellness goals. Their bacteria analysis provides a comprehensive list of bacteria detected within a sample and outlines the necessary steps for improving gut health. To assist individuals further, Ombre offers food suggestions based on microbial DNA analysis, providing evidence-based nutritional guidance. They also provide an easy-to-use at-home gut health test kit with detailed instructions. Lastly, Ombre's products are backed by scientific research and pared with full transparency in labeling, ensuring their customers are well informed.

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The provider, Ombre, offers a comprehensive gut health test named "Test My Gut" aimed at advancing personal wellness. The test procedure involves the analysis of a customer's microbial DNA to provide insightful food and probiotic recommendations tailored to their unique digestion, mental health, and immunity needs. The process also includes a bacterial analysis for clear identification of the bacteria present in the customer's sample, followed by guidance on next steps. Ombre relies on clinically-studied strains ensuring transparency in every label. The utilization of cutting-edge scientific methods and individualized experience are central to Ombre's services.


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2261 Market St. #4488, San Francisco, CA 94114.
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