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The NOVOS Age test is a biological aging test that employs the latest generation DunedinPACE epigenetic clock, developed by scientists at Columbia University and Duke University. It is designed to measure an individual's rate of aging using a blood sample obtained from a simple finger prick. The test includes a comprehensive 55-page report which interprets the data, providing actionable lifestyle guidance for potentially improving one's rate of aging. Alongside the DunedinPACE results, the report also offers bonus tests that assess biological age and telomere length. The procedure is intended to be conducted at home, with the sample mailed to the lab, and results are typically returned within about four weeks.


- Blood sample collection via finger prick
- Comprehensive 55-page NOVOS Age report
- Analysis of Pace of Aging using DunedinPACE epigenetic clock
- Bonus tests for Biological Age and Telomere Length assessment
- Actionable lifestyle recommendations based on test results

Not included

- Follow-up consultations or additional testing post-results delivery
- Medications or supplements (such as NOVOS Core or NOVOS Boost)
- Cost of repeat testing for ongoing monitoring (recommended every 12 months)

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