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NOVOS Labs operates as a Public Benefit Corporation with a focus on advancing longevity science and providing products that target the biological mechanisms of aging. Their product line includes NOVOS Core and NOVOS Boost—formulations designed to engage with the root causes of aging. Further, they offer NOVOS Age, a biological age test kit developed in association with scientists from Columbia and Duke University. The product range is backed by scientific research and the team consists of experts in the field of longevity.
The company also offers insights into the latest developments in aging science and provides educational content to the public. While their products, such as NOVOS Core and NOVOS Boost, are available for international shipping, NOVOS Age remains exclusive to customers in the United States. NOVOS Labs is not FDA approved and their products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. They encourage customers to join their community for further engagement and education on living a longer, healthier life.

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The NOVOS Age test is a biological aging test that employs the latest generation DunedinPACE epigenetic clock, developed by scientists at Columbia University and Duke University. It is designed to measure an individual's rate of aging using a blood sample obtained from a simple finger prick. The test includes a comprehensive 55-page report which interprets the data, providing actionable lifestyle guidance for potentially improving one's rate of aging. Alongside the DunedinPACE results, the report also offers bonus tests that assess biological age and telomere length. The procedure is intended to be conducted at home, with the sample mailed to the lab, and results are typically returned within about four weeks.


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